Makeup Lessons

Wish you knew how to make the best of yourself?

Most of us never vary our look and are stuck in a rut when it comes to Hair and Make Up.
How many of you are still keeping the same look you have had for years
You update your wardrobes, so why not change your Hair and Make Up
You found your look from magazines, TV, Films, Make Up counters, watching your Mothers, big sisters, celebrity s etc by trial and error.
Come on Ladies . It s now time for a change.
Let me help you.
Using my expertise I can help you achieve that New look be it a subtle or a dramatic one.
Knowing how to apply the correct colours in the correct way can make such a difference.
You will be surprised how new colours, shapes and definition can change your look for the better.
Make this year your year
I promise you an experience you will never forget.
I’ll teach you how to do just that.

Show me your own make up bag and I can go through it with you. I’ll let you know what does and doesn’t suit you and how to use it.
I will teach you, step by step, how to apply and where to apply your make-up.
What colours best suit your skin tone I will do one side of your face then you’ll repeat what I did on the other side. It’s a great way to learn.I will also show you how to add to your day make up and convert it into a more dramatic look for the evening.
Any questions you have – don’t be afraid to ask as I’m there to help you.