This weeks tip – How to apply eye liner.

Applying eye liner 
   Applying eye liner can be difficult and takes practice. The effect eye liner has on your eye however can be amazing. It adds definition to your eye and gives depth towards the lashes and makes them look thicker. When applying it remember to hold your eye lid skin taut with your finger […]

This Weeks Tip – NO Lipstick Wastage

Don't throw the lipstick away just because you can no longer apply it directly to your lips….there is just as much lipstick left in the base as you have used so far.
When you get towards the end of your lipstick and you can no longer apply it from the lipstick directly to your […]

This weeks tip – Opening up your eyes.

 Opening up your eyes when using a Smokey Eye look.
  Smokey eyes are a hot trend at the moment. If you want to have a stronger and more          'open ' look then […]

The Wedding Community's Interview with us.

The Wedding Community have interviewed us and written a great article. 
Please do take a few minutes to check it out.
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This weeks Tip – Hair Care

      If you are going to be regularly in and out of the sea or a chlorinated swimming pool this summer, your           hair may really suffer, as a mixture of sea water, pool water and sun can drastically dry your hair out. A     […]

This weeks Tip:Thicker, Longer and Stronger Eyelashes.

Want Thick Longer Eyelashes
If you want thicker, longer lashes, but cannot afford Individual Lashes and don’t like the strip lashes, then ’Lash Enhancer’ is for you. These are tiny fibres’ that are applied to your own lashes in between layers of your mascara.  They lengthen, give volume and strengthen straight away, at a fraction […]

This weeks Tip: Even out your Skin Tone

Even out your Skin Tone
If you suffer from reddish under tone, you can use a yellow or green under base before your foundation it will help even out your skin tone

Tip of the week…..The perfect pout

The perfect pout

When applying your lipstick, apply a slightly lighter colour to the centre of the top and bottom lip. This will give the illusion of a ‘pout’ and fuller lip.

Here is your tip of the week:-Neat eyelashes

Here is your tip of the week:- Once you have applied your mascara, use a mascara wand or eyelash comb and brush/comb through your lashes. This will remove any clumps the mascara may have left on your lashes and leave them looking groomed. Have a great week    

Eyeshadow application tip bit

A quick tip for you all. When applying powder eye shadow, how many of you end up with the powder falling under your eyes and on to your cheeks, leaving a real mess and ruining your make up! Well here is a tip for you. Place plenty of loose powder under your eyes and on […]