This Weeks Tip – Choosing Nail Varnishes


Choosing nail varnish

Clear, red, pink or glitter varnish: which to use? No panic – here are our hints and tips on choosing varnishes that suit you and make your nails look sublime.

The golden rule
Match your varnish to your look. Nail varnish is part of your style, and just like any accessory, it has to match your […]

This Weeks Tip – Correct Eyebrow Length

If your eyebrow are the incorrect length for your face, either to short or to long it will have a massive effect on how you look.
It's easy to find your correct length.
This is […]

This weeks tip – Coloured Mascaras

  Coloured mascaras make a change from the regular black and brown ones. Navy and green work best for daytime use and for the evening a brilliant blue or violet applied to the tips of […]

This weeks tip- Eye-shadow's and value for money

When buying an eye shadow, think about the look you want to achieve first.   A sensible and more cost effective way is to buy a compact that has more than one colour and that complement each other.  A compact of a few different colour's will allow you to create many […]

This weeks Tip – Concealer

Use a concealer on the dark patches under your eyes, blemishes etc, before or after your foundation to help illuminate them.  Never use a concealer that is ½ to 1 shade lighter than your skin tone. Blend in well.

This Weeks Tip – Statement Eyes

 Eyes that make a statement.



Intensify and add depth to your eyes with fashionable false eyelashes. From the natural to the outrageous. Create spectacular effects.  Be it   to accentuate your natural day look , evening parties, weddings, proms or just for fun. There are many out there for you to choose from. 


This weeps Tip – Foundation Applicators

Foundation Applicators
There are many ways to apply your foundation, fingers, latex sponges, natural sponges, airbrush and foundation brushes.  Whichever methods you use remember to make sure you put your foundation in all the ‘hidden’ areas i.e.: upper eyelids, under the eye right up to lash line, smile line, corners of your mouth, the crevasses by […]

This Weeks Tip – Voluminous Hair

To add volume to your hair…..
To give your hair added volume, tip your head forwards and blow dry your hair from underneath, directing the air flow towards your roots. When having achieved your final style using hairspray spray underneath, again directing it towards the root area.

This weeks tip – An Illusion for fuller lips.

An Illusion for fuller lips.   
   Add glossy color's / gloss to your lips that instantly makes the light bounce back, giving the impression of a fuller and more eye catching lip.

This weeks tip – Different types of Eyeliners

Types of eyeliner
LIQUID     Best on the top lid and offers precision and drama. They are harder to apply. Comes  in a bottle of some description and often has its own applicator, a fine brush. Remember to let it dry before opening your eye or you transfer the line to your lid and can ruin your eye […]