A Quick Tip when Choosing Your Hairdresser


A good hairdresser should listen to what YOU want.


They should take your hair type, your face shape, you life style into account.  


If you ask for a style that they know will not work on your hair type, or won’t suit you, they should tell you that and offer up other suggestions that they feel would suit you more.


You should walk away feeling great, not disappointed or upset.


Way to many hairdressers these day do none of the above, and I have been victim to many of those in the past. Some have worked for the very well know big hairdressing companies , so beware, don’t be taken in because of the Salons name or the price you pay.


To me my hair is my crowning glory and if it’s not right then I’m not right.


I may not be the cheapest, but I am by no means the dearest, but with me you will get a profession service and want to come back again.